About Us

Vance lives and works from home in Oadby, which is a suburb of Leicester in UK.

He has long had an interest in spiritual awareness and development as well as healing, (he was reading Indian philosophy in his teens), also personal development and well-being.

For many years Vance was involved with book retailing, wholesaling and publishing, having originally started selling secondhand & antiquarian books in his early 20’s. Currently he has a small business wholesaling books to select customers around the world, and also invests in buy-to-let houses in UK.

Vance decided in 2006 to set up this web-site with Nicci, his ex wife and now good friend who also helped contribute to this site, to help people around the world find relief from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, after reading that so many people suffer from IBS. Whilst doing the research he & Nicci found that even some of their friends suffered from IBS, but had never mentioned it before.

After talking to many healers he found that it is possible to conquer this condition and to eliminate it totally, so now desires to reach as many IBS sufferers as possible to help them find their way back to complete health.

Nicci is a Speech and Language Therapist, (known as a Speech Pathologist in North America) working mainly with young children, especially those who have hearing difficulties. This work in itself is obviously a form of healing which Nicci is very passionate about. www.wordofmouthspeechtherapy.co.uk

Vance Harvey